Selected Press for Quench

  • “Between its arresting low-poly aesthetic and its potent environmentally aware theming, Quench is a game that fleshes out its core gameplay with lovingly crafted embellishments”
    Bunkbeds, Read more
  • “Learning from Disney to tell human stories through animal characters”
    Jose Cardoso, Read more
  • “[Quench is] bolstered by a very unique, polygonal art style that lends itself well to tell the game’s story”
    Shakyl Lambert, Read more
  • “Animals, Avatar, and Fighter Jets: The Story of Quench”
    Christopher Demelo, Read more
  • “The low-polygon count graphical style is one of the game’s most striking qualities”
    Steve John, Read more
  • “Quench is well on its way to delivering a top-grade interactive platform where you literally save the world”
    Conrad Crisman, Read more

Awards & Recognition for Quench